Top 3 customs how to Celebrate Moon Festival

Celebrate Moon Festival

Customs of the Moon Festival on thanksgiving and get-together. The moon represents unity, which should resonate highly in today’s hectic globe. One of the most common customs are consuming moon cakes and looking at the moon. Besides, ethnic minorities throughout China have their own unique customizeds.

Here’s some of the list how to Celebrate Moon Festival so that you could slow life to enjoy the celebration throughout your tour in China. Do what Chinese individuals do, to explore the wide and extensive Chinese society.

Here is Top 3 Ways to Celebrate Moon Festival:

1. Reunite with Family

Throughout the moon festival, relative will try their best to return home and obtain along with their moms and dads, regardless of how much from home. This custom is similar to Thanksgiving in the Unified Specifies. Individuals will share a great dish with each other to enjoy this family get-together time.

Pumpkins, chestnuts, taro, persimmons, wonderful potato, and walnuts usually feature in the celebration indulge, emphasizing the bounty of the fall gather, together with traditional commemorative foods such as crab, pork, and duck.

2. Eating Moon Cakes

The Mid-Autumn Celebration is also known as the Mooncake Celebration. The cakes, typically rounded, symbolizing the moon, exist as presents to family members and friends.

The custom of moon cakes can be mapped back to the Southerly Tune empire (1127-1279 BC), although, the moon cakes weren’t rounded during that time.

Chinese moon cakes are small baked cakes, made with a variety of fillings such as salty duck eggs, lotus seeds paste, fruits, and sometimes also meat. A mug of Chinese tea or osmanthus-flavored wine together with moon cakes is a suit made in paradise.

3. Brief Holiday

The Moon Celebration is also a public vacation in China, leading to a three-day weekend break that most individuals enjoy with a brief journey or holiday with family and friends. Usually, a pair of weeks or a month before the celebration, individuals will begin planning their journeys, taking them to locations outside the city to commemorate Moon Celebration.

Another way to commemorate the Moon Celebration is to invest the day with loved ones at the shopping center. There will be discounts and promos in grocery stores, shopping center, and online stores throughout every big vacation.

Most grocery stores will also have lotto attracts for mooncakes using customers’ invoices. After shopping for the entire day, a movie is a great way to finish the vacation to obtain some rest and unwind.

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